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A Gift to Cherish Over Many Life Times

“Connect with your loved ones on a deeper level through the natural world.”

Family hiking trips offers the opportunity to connect with your loved ones on a deeper level. Spending time in nature, especially in the remote wilderness where there are no distractions, is quality time spent at level that is hard to compare with anything else you can experience these days.

Children have lost connection to the natural world, and spend less and less time outdoors despite growing research that supports the benefits of connecting with a natural environment. For many children, the concept of nature is so abstract they cannot even imagine it.

The natural world has long been associated with health and described as a therapeutic landscape, and a mounting body of research proves the benefits of interacting with nature for mental and physical health.

Yoho Family Adventure Trips focus on sharing the value of connecting people to wild places and the beauty found in nature. Life is about the experiences you have and share – to do so with your loved ones is paramount.

From British Columbia to New Zealand, we have developed a variety of special family hiking adventures that take in the most beautiful scenery and fun activities for everyone. Our custom family adventure trips are created with the unique interests of the given family or group, and are always set within beautiful wilderness areas.

Actively hitting the trails and getting into the great outdoors with your children (whether they are young, teens or adults) or with your siblings can be a great opportunity to re-connect and experience something different on your holidays.

You’ll not only create memories of a lifetime together but also teach your loved ones the importance of simple pleasures and how to connect to their senses.

Creating a family adventure experience is a great way to ensure your holiday budget is being spent wisely, but that is pays of in great dividends over many lifetimes.

Join the experts in wilderness travel and adventure trips, and bring your family with us for an unforgettable custom family hiking trip this holiday season. It is a priceless family experience.

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