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British Columbia | The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

British Columbia Adventure Tours | Explore The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast with Yoho Adventures

Are you looking for an unforgettable adventure travel experience in British Columbia’s Cariboo Chilcotin Coast? Look no further than Yoho Adventures! Our guided trips take you through some of the most remote wilderness areas and breathtaking scenery in Canada, with opportunities to witness grizzly bear sightings in their natural habitat. Hike to remote and private alpine cabins, and explore British Columbia’s best landscapes.

Our experienced guides will lead you on unforgettable adventures, whether you’re looking for a challenging wilderness hike or a peaceful paddle on a remote lake. Our small group sizes, allow you to have an intimate experience with nature, and plenty of opportunities to ask questions, learn new skills, and be inspired by some of Canada’s most impressive backcountry and less touristy areas.

At Yoho Adventures, we’re committed to sustainable and responsible adventure travel. We believe that by exploring and experiencing the the true wilderness and the natural world, we can better understand and appreciate it, and become advocates for its protection. That’s why we work hard to minimize our impact on the environment, support local communities, and promote eco-friendly practices.

Book your adventure travel in British Columbia’s Cariboo Chilcotin Coast with Yoho Adventures today and witness grizzly bear sightings in their natural habitat, fly over large Icefields and hike to remote private alpine cabins. Explore with us to experience Canada’s best adventure travel.


  • Trip of a lifetime
    JOLENE - CA, USA • Oct 2019
    I highly recommend any tour with Ben and Cristina. My husband and I first joined a New Zealand tour years ago which was our first guided trip. We were unsure of what to expect or how we would enjoy an all inclusive, guided tour as we had in the past organized our own "adventure" trips. Well, we were so amazed and overwhelmed by the New Zealand experience that we have just recently completed the Great Bear Rain forest tour with YOHO Adventures. Ben and Cristina immediately made us feel comfortable and handle all the logistics so that we could just enjoy the amazing scenery and experience this rugged country without having to worry about anything. The sites were so unique and the food and company so amazing we hope to plan another trip with them soon. The trip was an amazing experience, we could have never organized on our own and gave us a better understanding of life in BC, the history, and an appreciated for the beautiful country. Ben and Cristina are very knowledgeable (Cristina included a pack list which was extremely helpful) and made us feel safe in our endeavors such as the bear river float trip. Wow!! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the Great Bear Rainforest with two amazing guides.
  • World Class Experience!
    DUNCAN - UK • Sep 2019
    My recent wilderness trip to Canada with Yoho Adventures was by far the best I have ever experienced in over 30 years of adventure travel. Ben and Christina ensure that every detail is taken care of and make every day special. They look after each group member's needs and ensure that everyone gets the best out of their trip. For me, being able to fish in a glacial lake in complete isolation armed with a radio and bear spray was something I'll never forget! Our bear float trip was outstanding!! We saw 10 bears and had the most amaxing experience. To put it quite simply: World Class!
  • Chilcotin Coast Get Away
    ABBY - UK • Sep 2019
    This was my second trip guided by Ben and Cristina - and it was one of the best weeks I have spent in the wilderness. This trip had it all - mountains, lakes, glaciers, bears (several!) moose, marmots, float planes, comfortable accommodation and excellent meals, whether we were in a cabin or next to the glacier. Expert guides who made us all comfortable with our surroundings - and a great bunch of fellow travellers I highly recommend this, or any other trips with Ben and Cristina.
  • An amazing opportunity to hike in the Canadian wilderness
    JEN - UK • Sep 2017 • Solo
    When I told my friends that I was going hiking in the Canadian wilderness with a group of people I had never met before, they thought I was bonkers. But it was a brilliant experience. From the boat plane ride to our cabin, great hiking, time in lovely Bella Coola and bear sighting it was non stop fun and adventure. Cristina and Ben were great hosts and really looked after the group, with good food and great local knowledge. I would really recommend this trip as a great way to get off the tourist path and into the wilderness. You do need to be an experienced and fit hiker thought if you want to get the most out of the trip.
  • Trip of a lifetime...just do it!
    HEATHER - WA, USA • Sep 2016 • Friends
    A girlfriend and I did this trip and had such a great time. The scenery is unreal! Ben and Cristina do such a great job with this trip, everything was really well done and they are so fun to spend time with, just great people. The food was amazing. The float plane flights were awesome. You have no idea how expansive those mountains and glaciers are until you see them from the sky! And seeing grizzly bears and their cubs up close on the float trip was the icing on the cake. I would definitely recommend this trip, you're in good hands with Ben and Cristina. I hope to get to do it again one day.
  • Wonderful 5 day hike in B.C., Canada
    VALERIE - QC, CANADA • Aug 2018 • Solo
    I had the absolute privilege to experience my first big time hike with Ben & Cristina this past month. I’m 22 years old and this trip was a birthday gift to myself, yoho adventures did not disappoint! Despite the forest fires in the area, Ben and Cristina managed to arrange a plan B which was absolutely wonderful, challenging both mentally and physically, enlightening and extremely empowering for me! We hiked and witnessed beautiful Canadian scenery, ate wonderfully (as per Cristina and Ben’s impressive cooking skills), and slept under the stars, and in a couple of lodges. As a beginner (such as myself) or an experienced hiker, I highly recommend yoho adventures to everyone and anyone! This was a life changing experience on my part, I am forever grateful to the two of you!
  • A unique wilderness experience together with great fun & great food!!
    KATE - Australia • May 2016 • Solo
    Whether it's NZ or Canada, what you get with Yoho Adventures is an amazing adventure, fantastic leadership, support, and encouragement to fulfill those lifetime travel dreams. Yes, another great trip (my fifth) admirably led by Ben & Cristina, who never fail to provide a unique wilderness experience for their guests. Their expertise in leading small groups off the usual well-trodden tourist paths and into the backcountry of Canada is second to none. Their friendship, encouragement, support, careful planning, and safe guidance ensures every group member reaches a new level of personal achievement and goes home invigorated by their wonderful outdoor adventure.

    Ben has an amazing knowledge of the backcountry & a sixth sense when it comes to guiding. Cristina is a great match for Ben, a fantastic leader in her own right, but is happy to put herself at the back of the group as necessary in order to support those less able on the day. They are always bright & cheerful, and full of life & love for their jobs. I highly recommend Yoho Adventures for unique wilderness travel.

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