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Our unique adventure experiences are made to order and can be customized to focus from one activity to a mix of activities such as alpine hiking, wildlife viewing, scenic explorations, sightseeing, mountain biking, wine tastings and much more as we explore the backcountry of British Columbia in Western Canada and New Zealand ‘s South Island. We are proud to offer quality, meticulously unique, soul-inspiring and enriching adventure experiences. That’s what you get when you go on a YOHO ADVENTURE.

Comfortable lodging set within stunning landscapes, alpine hiking to remote locations, charming local flare and fare – it’s all an important part of your memorable wilderness travel with YOHO ADVENTURES. Throughout our custom hiking trips, you will be treated to creative trail side gourmet cuisine prepared with love, thought, local produce and the latest health conscious ingredients. Healthy fare and local delicacies are the focus of our hot, delicious wilderness gourmet meals prepared thoughtfully and exclusively for you to help you keep up the energy and stamina needed to fuel your wilderness adventure.

We always work with the very best quality local operators, who offer local charm, incredible knowledge and insight to enhance your wilderness adventure experience. Their years of guiding experience provide us with a gateway to pristine wilderness for our unique adventure experiences through a variety of transportation options such as float planes, private chartered boats and off-road vehicles that add unparalleled access to remote wilderness and breath-taking vistas rarely seen by human eyes.

Our unique adventure experiences will take you beyond traditional boundaries, always with the greatest respect and care for remote wilderness and untouched wilds, to find the pristine inspiration of nature’s beauty.

Adventure in Comfort

We stay in comfortable, clean, characterful, well-hosted places with inspiring views. We like to get into the backcountry, we like to get dirty, we like to get off the beaten track on our unique adventure experiences, but we also like a hot shower at the end of the day.

We understand the value of a good night’s sleep and over the years we’ve spent a lot of time finding unique and memorable accommodations. We don’t believe in camping, but on YOHO ADVENTURES, we stay in some beautiful, incredible and rustic backcountry log cabins.

We like to balance out our stays between bed and breakfast locations, lodges, backcountry cabins and other unique places. We utilize accommodations that strike the right balance between comfort, value and local charm. Our accommodations are based on double or twin-share rooms, with a combination of private and shared bathroom facilities.

Private rooms are available on request for some portions of our trips. On some of our trips, we have backcountry cabins as our accommodation, which are more on the rustic side but you’ll never experience such private breathtaking places. Depending on which of our unique adventure experiences you choose, accommodations vary from nicely rustic to more upscale but they are always comfortable and welcome after a healthy day outdoors.

Passion, Inspiration and Experience

For the founders of YOHO ADVENTURES, Ben and Cristina, and all the YOHO guides, we are most at home when we are in the wilds. We live, play, and know the backcountry and remote wilderness regions of Canada and New Zealand like our own backyards. You might just say that everyone who works for YOHO, lives for unique adventure experiences.

We aren’t your routine adventure company that has zip liners calling themselves “adventure specialists” who have never done anything more than sit behind a desk trying to sell you a trip. At YOHO ADVENTURES, we actively live, breathe and encompass adventure in our daily lives. Sharing what we know and have experienced first-hand is what keeps us enthusiastic and passionate about YOHO, and it is what creates the unique essence of our company and inspires our unique approach to adventure experiences.

We’ve spent many years working for top adventure companies, creating new trips, researching and actively pursuing outdoor missions and adventures. We have many stories, adventures and encounters to share with you, that will only enhance your experiences with us.

When it comes to wilderness travel, our guided hiking trips have a reputation for being among the best in the world. Come, explore the wilderness with YOHO ADVENTURES today and we promise you will make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime on one of our unique adventure experiences.

Feast the Eyes and Nourish the Body | Wholesome Wilderness Cuisine

At YOHO ADVENTURES, we believe wholesome gourmet cuisine is just as important as hiking into the remote wilderness to feast your eyes on nature’s beauty. We love to share wholesome healthy meals with our guests. So, we can promise you here and now, you will never receive a no-name brand granola bar, freeze dried food or iceberg lettuce on a YOHO ADVENTURE.

A key aspect to fueling your life, body and adventure is by eating well. YOHO ADVENTURES takes pride in creating delicious new recipes and our guests rave about them. Our delicious wilderness cuisine include local produce and meats such as fresh moose, venison, salmon and organic fresh vegetables, even when were in the backcountry. We often stop at local produce stands and farms to grab locally grown vegetables, fruits, berries, and free-range eggs whenever we can. And for our guests who are vegetarian and gluten free, we create many gourmet meals to suit all types of diets.

Our meals are often a highlight of the unique adventure experiences that our guests say they take away from their travels with us, so we carefully plan menus to include favorites from our adventures. “Let’s just say you will be leaving our adventures feeling healthy, and vibrant from within,” Ben and Cristina promise.

Examples of a few of our meals:
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with sweet baby tomato and feta cheese topped with fresh arugula on a toasted ciabatta wholegrain bun accompanied with local berries and a fresh fruit cup.
Lunch: Quinoa salad including green onion, red pepper and Greek currents with French Dijon and lime dressing accompanied by fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, hummus and cheeses to build your own organic spinach wraps with deli meats such as roasted turkey served on the side.
Dinner: Fresh local British Columbia salmon in crusted pesto and lemon butter marinade with rosemary sweet potatoes and a fresh kale salad with lemon drenched Portobello mushrooms.
Desert: Moist chocolate zucchini cake or fresh fruit ensemble.

Exclusive Personalized Small Group Tours

Most of our trips have between 4-10 guests and two guides per trip. We love small groups because it allows us to really get to know our travel companions and offer a more personal experience. Plus, we can take good care of people individually.

We understand group dynamics and know they have a life of their own. We have learned the art of creating a great atmosphere for everyone in the group — a place where everyone can have their time to themselves and hike at their own pace while still being encouraged to push their limits. We have perfected this by truly caring.

In our small groups, everyone gets personal attention because we care how you like your coffee; we want to listen to your family dramas, and we hope by sometimes sharing some of our own humanity you might feel less burdened by life and more united in the freedom of nature! We especially tune into what kind of wine you enjoy! Our exclusive small groups provide exceptional camaraderie that only can be put into words by those who have experienced it.

Wilderness Safety First

At YOHO ADVENTURES, we take safety very seriously. Over the years, we have built up a strong organizational culture around safety management.

All YOHO guides are trained in Wilderness First Aid Response and have years of guiding experience working with people in a multitude of outdoor wilderness environments around the world.

Adventure, by its very definition, is defined as an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity; and an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks. However, we make it our business to mitigate and eliminate risk wherever possible, and where risk remains, we take every effort to minimize it.

Our pre-trip medical forms may be a tad lengthy, but it’s to ensure we know absolutely everything about you medically, so that we are prepared for anything we might encounter when in these remote settings. We have a variety of communication devices that we carry on all our trips, and every trip receives an emergency plan for a variety of scenarios.

We also take the added precaution of having two professional, well-experienced guides per trip. Rest assured, you are in good hands when travelling with the YOHOs.

What Customers Say

  • “My second trip with Yoho Adventures; You guys are a hoot!! These two work their tails off to make a fun trip!”
    Chris Figge | Colorado | USA
    Coast Mountain Getaway Trip | 2013 & High Rockies Experience | 2014
  • “It was a challenging and rewarding trip. I went to country I would not have got to on my own and it was enjoyable. It was an eye opening trip; seeing the Canadian Rockies close up and taking part in an adventure with guides who knew the mountains. It was challenging and it pushed me just to my limits but not beyond. The food was great.”
    John Purdo | Seattle USA
    High Rockies Discovery Trip | August 2014
  • “Ben & Cristina are Fantastic! Love you guys!” “Fantastic leadership, support and encouragement. Great fun & everything well paced. Great food! Always feel safe & happy to trust you both with my life! Ben has an amazing knowledge of the backcountry & a sixth sense when it comes to guiding. Cristina is a great match for Ben, a fantastic leader in her own right, but is happy to put herself at the back of the group as necessary in order to support those less able on the day. They are always bright, cheerful and full of life & love for their jobs.” “This was another great trip admirably led by Ben & Cristina, who never fail to provide a unique wilderness experience for their guests. Their expertise in leading small groups off the usual well-trodden tourist paths and into the backcountry of Canada is second to none. Their friendship, encouragement, support, careful planning, and safe guidance ensures every group member reaches a new level of personal achievement and goes home invigorated by their wonderful outdoor adventure.”
    Catriona Hellicar | Australia
    Coast Mountain Getaway Adventure | 2010 & High Rockies Discovery Trip | 2014

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