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A Shared Love of Nature and Passion for Guiding

YOHO ADVENTURES was created by two adventure gypsies, a Canadian and New Zealand couple who believe everyone should pursue what they love to do. For Ben and Cristina that means endless adventure, wilderness missions and the simple life — being close to nature. Deciding to run with their dream in 2010, they created YOHO ADVENTURES in British Columbia, Canada first, focusing on the remote wilderness along the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast. But winter set in all too soon and the warm southern hemisphere climate of New Zealand beckoned. They found themselves splitting their adventure seasons between both countries — experiencing endless summers in both New Zealand and Canada.

One of the Best Guided Tour Companies

This meant accumulating heaps of experience guiding, hiking, biking, kayaking and exploring both countries, which quickly helped YOHO ADVENTURES become one of the best guided tour companies in both Canada and New Zealand. Ben and Cristina rigorously and obsessively seek out local charm, quality local operators, storied guides, remote locations, stunning landscapes, pristine wilderness, and breathtaking vistas to ensure YOHO ADVENTURES wilderness travel and hiking trips are always unique and inspiring experiences. “Our guests are continually blown away by the quality, care and passion that are felt while travelling with us,” Ben says. “It is a big ingredient in the creation of our unique adventure experiences and setting us apart as being one of the best guided tour companies out there.”

Ben & Cristina, Official MacPac Ambassadors for
New Zealand’s Leading Outdoor Brand


Being Small has Big Advantages — For You, and Others

We’re a small company, and we’re proud of it. It’s not easy to find the “Little Guys” anymore — the ones who pour their heart and souls into your experience. Well search no more…you’ve found them right here hard at work creating the perfect wilderness travel experience for you! Being small has allowed us to continually ensure we remain one of the best guided tour company on the market.

Plus, being small gives added advantages. It allows us to create custom experiences with heart and soul, inspiration and passion. We believe in creating adventures that are unique. We don’t fabricate an itinerary and sell it just because it looks good. We run our remote wilderness itineraries ourselves, and we perfect them to ensure the beauty and extraordinary nature of each trip. We want to know that you are not just taking a hiking trip or wilderness adventure, you are making a memory that will be treasured a lifetime.

We also don’t have salespeople selling you something they haven’t experienced. It’s important to us to inspire our guests, to connect every one of you with nature’s beauty and the simplicity of tuning out. You may even find that the founders, Ben and Cristina, are your guides as they are often called to share their love and passion for adventure, travel, nature and the simple life with our YOHO guests on these wilderness missions.

And rest assured when booking with one of the best guided tour company, your contributions make a big impact in the remote communities we visit where they are shared to many even “smaller guys,” the local operators who indulge us with their local charm and help us along the way. This contribution is mutually appreciated and sharing in these remote settlements always warms our hearts, and pleases our guests as well.

Reconnecting with Nature – Our Philosophy

At YOHO, our adventures are created with the deep purpose of reconnecting people to nature’s beauty, freedom, and realm of adventure. Our adventure experiences encompass the essence of Yoho, through the feeling and presence of nature and the remote wilderness.

Our respect for nature has been and continues to be a driving force for our mission here at YOHO because of its critical aspect of our existence and future survival here on earth. In the fast-paced madness of this world we live in, we believe it is all too easy for people to lose their sense of connection to the natural world. Yet it is something we can all connect with daily, if we only take the time to do so.

YOHO ADVENTURES take place in the still pristine wilds and seldom touched remote wilderness of our world. These are breathtaking landscapes and isolated places where nature still holds power, and where we are the lone explorers and lucky adventurers learning how to taste it, feel it, connect with it and ultimately emerge from it feeling happier, rejuvenated and connected to something greater than ourselves.

As human beings, we need to take time out just to “be” – tune out of the manmade world and tune in to our natural environment and all that it offers. There are many psychological, physical and spiritual benefits from spending time in nature, with reconnecting with yourself and the important simple things in life.

Our purpose at YOHO ADVENTURES is to inspire people to live a happier, healthier active life by reconnecting to the natural world, its powerful qualities of simplicity, and its enlivening adventure opportunities. Join us on our mission and be our guest at YOHO ADVENTURES for the experience of a lifetime.

Our Reputation Matters

Did you know that repeat adventurers and word of mouth guests account for 80% of those joining our wilderness travels and remote hiking trips? We are very pleased with this number because it speaks very highly of the experiences our guests have had with YOHO ADVENTURES.

With years of combined guiding expertise, we know what it takes to create an incredible wilderness adventure. Our guides have worked for some of the top adventure companies in the world. They share our respect for nature. And, following the lead of our founders Ben and Cristina, they openly listen to our guests and share the YOHO philosophy of what is important to create some of the most inspiring experiences you will find on our planet today. Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime. Experience the best of planet Earth and our natural world at YOHO ADVENTURES today.

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