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  • “My second trip with Yoho Adventures; You guys are a hoot!! These two work their tails off to make a fun trip!”
    Chris Figge | Colorado | USA
    Coast Mountain Getaway Trip | 2013 & High Rockies Experience | 2014
  • “It was a challenging and rewarding trip. I went to country I would not have got to on my own and it was enjoyable. It was an eye opening trip; seeing the Canadian Rockies close up and taking part in an adventure with guides who knew the mountains. It was challenging and it pushed me just to my limits but not beyond. The food was great.”
    John Purdo | Seattle USA
    High Rockies Discovery Trip | August 2014
  • “Ben & Cristina are Fantastic! Love you guys!” “Fantastic leadership, support and encouragement. Great fun & everything well paced. Great food! Always feel safe & happy to trust you both with my life! Ben has an amazing knowledge of the backcountry & a sixth sense when it comes to guiding. Cristina is a great match for Ben, a fantastic leader in her own right, but is happy to put herself at the back of the group as necessary in order to support those less able on the day. They are always bright, cheerful and full of life & love for their jobs.” “This was another great trip admirably led by Ben & Cristina, who never fail to provide a unique wilderness experience for their guests. Their expertise in leading small groups off the usual well-trodden tourist paths and into the backcountry of Canada is second to none. Their friendship, encouragement, support, careful planning, and safe guidance ensures every group member reaches a new level of personal achievement and goes home invigorated by their wonderful outdoor adventure.”
    Catriona Hellicar | Australia
    Coast Mountain Getaway Adventure | 2010 & High Rockies Discovery Trip | 2014
  • The Coast Mountain Getaway Trip, was really what we were looking for, a unique adventure not a normal tourist trip, an experience where we really felt what wild nature is like, a way of trekking we have never experience before and all this with a lot of fun. Superb!” “The fact that Yoho Adventures even helped us making choices for the rest of our trip in Canada was something that we appreciated very much.” “Anyone loving hiking and wanting to feel what is like living in real wilderness – but feeling comfortable at night- should try going there with Yoho Adventures. It is really worth it. There are few places like wilderness lake, so there are still some chances to taste it before we, human beings, spoil it.” “One of the most precious and best experiences of my life”
    Pedro Cabrera | Spain
    Coast Mountain Getaway Trip | 2014
  • “This adventure was wonderful because there were few people on it. In our opinion this is probably the main key for its success. The choices of the trip (places and activities) and that not a single moment was useless; any time was fulfilled with some really neat activities. Also the food was incredible, especially at the back country cabin. We didn’t expect such good food in that remote of a place!”
    Mercedez Cabrera | Spain
    Coast Mountain Getaway Trip | 2014
  • “The entire trip was amazing, the scenery, food the company and of course our guides. The Amazing mother nature was at her best just beautiful. I thought you guys were fabulous, you both looked after us so well, and I knew you only wanted us to have the best experience ever” “How can I name one thing that stood out to me most! The flight to the log cabin, the lake, the scenery, the bears. Not to mention the great food.” “Ben and Cristina definitely know have to ensure that you have the experience of a life time, our trip was amazing from the time we flew into the wildness over snow covered mountains, landing on a pristine lake, walking to a glazier, hiking up hills to see the most amazing views, sitting in the most incredible places eating lunch and just enjoying being in the wildness. And that was just the first few days. Then can you imagine sitting on a rubber raft watching a mother bear catching salmon with her 3 little cubs wow wow wow. “It is obvious that this company loves the wildness and want their clients to get the best experience they can. “
    Carol Bright | Australia
    Coast Mountain Getaway Trip | 2014
  • "I have been on several adventure trips in the past 15 years and Ben and Cristina are by far my favorite guides. Ben and Cristina have fun, vibrant but professional personalities and they are able to adapt to just about any personality type. I took my daughter and two friends on one to Canada, and had an amazing time! I take one of their trips every year! "
    Heidi Beale | USA
    Custom Adventures Canada & New Zealand
  • "Your guides are as good as it gets and we’ve had awesome guides before so we feel know real quality. I would take a trip anywhere in the world with Ben and Cristina again- and again! They were fabulous and really made a good trip."
    Margaret Gill | USA
  • "Because I had such a great experience in New Zealand, I kept in touch and when they started doing trips in Canada, I worked with them to plan a two week trip which I could bring my young adult children on. And that brought us to Bella Coola and beyond. We began our trip with a flight from Vancouver into Bella Coola and it was truly spectacular (maybe better than Milford Sound, in NZ!). It was really fun to watch two of my kids (16 and 18, a third joined us later) look out the window of the small plane as we flew in over the fjords. They had never seen such a thing as the mountains rise up above and the narrow fjords funnel you in towards Bella Coola. We did a couple hikes in the area and I look forward to returning. Bella Coola and The Chilcotin is fantastic ! " "I was with my kids over Christmas and they were talking about "Benno" and Cristina and wondering when and where our next trip would be. "
    Doug Zona | USA
    Custom Coast Mountain Getaway Trip | 2013
  • I traveled with Yoho Adventures on their Coast Mountain Getaway in British Columbia in August 2016. I was looking for an adventure that would get me out into the beautiful backcountry of British Columbia, but without all of the burdens of backpacking, such as lugging a tent. I also was going to be traveling alone, and didn’t think it would be safe to hike in the backcountry by myself, so I was looking for a group. Through a feature in Outside Magazine, I found Yoho Adventures, an outfitter who specializes in outdoor adventures in British Columbia. I did their Coastal Mountain Getaway, which is a small group adventure in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast. The trip took us to two places (1) Wilderness Lake (a lake in the middle of a wilderness setting in the Cariboo Chilcotin Mountains), and (2) Bella Coola (a stunning lush river valley a couple hours to the west of Wilderness Lake). This was an outstanding trip. The Wilderness Lake portion of the trip got us into true pristine wilderness, with amazing hiking and gorgeous views at every turn. During the days, we enjoyed hikes into different parts of the mountains surrounding our base cabin. At night, we slept in a comfortable cabin. Yoho Adventures took care of all of the food arrangements, allowing us to focus on the beauty of this amazing untouched area. Our guides (Ben and Cristina) were seasoned hikers, with amazing fitness and wilderness know how, but they adjusted our hikes to the fitness level of the group (which was relatively fit, but not super fit). The Getaway Adventure also took us to Bella Coola (after the portion at Wilderness Lake). Bella Coola is a lightly populated stunning valley with silver mountains, lush rain forests, turquoise waters and jagged fjords (the valley is on the coast and meets inlets running in from the ocean). Here, we did some more hiking and took a float down a gorgeous river to look for grizzly bears. While in Bella Coola, we spotted both grizzly bears and black bears. Our group in total consisted of 6 guests and 2 guides. I knew no one before the trip but quickly made friends with everyone, including our guides, who made every effort to make me feel at home, and throughout the trip did everything they could to make our trip enjoyable and comfortable. This was a truly awesome experience, and gave me a great appreciation for the beauty of British Columbia. If you are an outdoor enthusiast who wants a basic level of comfort while getting off the beaten path in a gorgeous wilderness setting, I would highly recommend this trip.
    Eric Sonnenschein - USA
    2016 Coast Mountain Getaway Trip

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